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The evolution of a core financial service

By definition, the role of custodians resides in the safekeeping of client assets. By function, the role of custodians extends towards processing and settlement of transactions, giving clients asset safety assurances and reporting of trades and holdings. With fees compressing in a competitive environment and increasing regulatory requirements looming, the ability to manage costs requires a new approach towards value chain lifecycle management.

Explore new opportunities with Settlity

The benefits of a shared network with a single source of truth, applied to a whole network of global custodians and sub-custodians are extremely powerful. Coupled with increased operational efficiencies through the programming of business logic into financial assets to exhibit ‘if-then’ behaviour, the effect of a blockchain powered solution for custodians is particularly enticing. Given the complex and highly differentiated workflows employed by individual custodian’s clients, both global custodians and sub-custodians are empowered to use the Settlity Infrastructure for a flexible and modular approach towards end-to-end lifecycle management of digital holdings across various asset classes.