A Birth From Within the Hottest Tech Sector

Among big players within Blockchain and Finance areas, the industry has given birth to yet another potentially competitive, nimble tech company. Through Hashstacs Pte Ltd, the venture had developed a protocol known as Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlements (STACS) Network.

STACS As A Capital Market Contribution

The STACS Network was creatively designed to contribute to the capital markets through the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Adding to this, is the fact that it is in line with best practices by regulators.

Deploying Solutions Throughout Asset Lifecycles

STACS is built on a hybrid blockchain model to support the lifecycle of digital securities. The STACS Network boosts the development of financial markets by deploying and scaling solutions for financial institutions, as a cost-competitive digital issuance, trading, clearing and settlement system.

A Venture With A Growing Ecosystem

Additionally, banks, stock exchanges, broker-dealers, and funds are encouraged to join as Verified Partners to gain access to immense cost savings and new revenue streams. The growing ecosystem is designed as a global venture that will provide advantages to both investors and issuers.

Managing Director, Jay Ng, continues to describe Hashstacs as an early DLT adopter while enabling market participants to be more cost-efficient.

Upcoming Projects

More projects are about to be established on the STACS network. These projects will include the development of a trading platform that can support tokenised securities as well as traditional assets. Another project will involve a bond solution with lowered cost of debt capital markets origination.

Stay Tuned & Join In Our Vision

Hashstacs entered a journey to develop blockchain technologies, focusing on helping enterprise integrate blockchain within their businesses. Consequently, the group aims to develop and close the gap between the budding blockchain ecosystem with traditional financial systems.

About Hashstacs

Hashstacs is a Singapore-based Blockchain development firm focusing on the digital transformation of the financial industry. Our vision is to be the underlying Distributed Ledger Technology on which Financial Market Infrastructure is built upon. Our flagship product, the Securities Trading Asset Clearing and Settlement (STACS) Network is a blockchain built specifically for Finance.

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