Join Us — #STACS Live Showcase x Singapore FinTech Festival 2020

Following the global pandemic, STACS is going digital with our inaugural STACS Showcase, in conjunction with Singapore FinTech Festival, 7–11 December! And we’re officially one week away! During the STACS Live Showcase x SGFinTechFest, we’ll be hosting a series of panels and demos, featuring global leaders as keynote speakers. Join us as we speak #FinTech and share our insights and perspectives on these topics, including:
  • How technology can lead to digital transformation in the financial industry
  • How DLT has progressed and moved into greater industry adoption
  • How infrastructure can empower capital markets connectivity and sustainability
Visit our website to learn more about the key themes and speakers, and make sure to register for a full week of exciting panels, where we bring #FinTech to life! We look forward to seeing you there! Free Registration here

STACS Showcase Finance Insights & Perspectives

Here’s a preview of some of our latest insights, perspectives, and content around Transformative Technology for the Financial Industry.
How Can Advancements In Technology Lead To Digital Transformation In The Finance Industry What are some leaders’ visions of the financial industry of the future and how are they leading this digital transformation? How does technology serve as an innovation foresight and move towards the attainment of a sustainable and efficient financial ecosystem? Keynote speakers: Deutsche Bank, Bank of Thailand, Standard Chartered Bank, ISSA DLT working group and SIX Securities Services Register Now
The Road to Commercialization for DLT in Capital Markets Distributed Ledger Technology has progressed a fair bit from the initial cryptocurrencies hype. Starting in the mid-2010s, financial institutions have started to dabble and explore with multiple different use cases. Recently, we have seen examples of small-scale pilots or production by various financial institutions. But are we truly there yet? Are these pilots ‘Proof of Concepts’ or ‘Proof of Commercialization’? Will DLT ever fulfil its promises and move into greater industry adoption? What are the gaps that exist between the current progress and ‘Point Z’? And what exactly is ‘Point Z’? Join us, as practitioners from various backgrounds share different perspectives of the gaps to commercialization! Keynote speakers: Deutsche Bank, SWIFT, Accenture, Standard Chartered Bank Register Now
Infrastructure Rails to Empower Capital Markets Connectivity & Sustainability Join us as we share about our journey as a technology partner of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Project Ubin Phase 5. The past year has seen numerous live examples of blockchain technology being applied to capital markets use-cases. Beyond the hype, what are the real benefits that the technology brings? Is this purely an operational efficiency play, or will it bring about new business opportunities? Will we see significant improvement in cross-border transactions, and how will this affect liquidity and market access? Will it be able to pave the way towards a green and sustainable capital market? Keynote speakers: Deutsche Bank, UBS Bank, UnionBank of the Philippines Catch us LIVE on MAS Ubin Channel STACS Showcase x SGFinTechFest, 7–11 December Mark your calendars and register today! We can’t wait to see you there! Yours sincerely, Benjamin Soh Managing Director