Scaling decarbonisation financing for the hospitality industry through digital tools and better data insights

Citadines Bali, Envision Digital, HSBC Bank

With STACS’s ESGpedia, Citadines Bali gained better data insights to scale decarbonisation financing and green certifications, as part of its sustainability journey.

The hospitality industry lacks digital technology to measure and monitor performance of their sustainability efforts, as well as faces
difficulty in evidencing their sustainability efforts for banks and certification bodies.

Citadines Bali, as part of The Ascott Limited (Ascott), becomes the first hotel in Bali to adopt digital tools to track emissions from its operation. The use case can be replicated to enable other hotels or buildings who are transforming to be more sustainable. With the integration of EnoSTM, Envision Digital’s net zero platform for decarbonisation to the ESGpedia digital registry, hotels are now able to effectively quantify emissions and target reduction, and have these data aggregated on a common, standardized registry. Financial institutions like HSBC (view full list of FI partners here) can then leverage on ESGpedia to make better ESG financing decisions and effectively monitor its green portfolio on an ongoing basis, facilitating hotels in achieving decarbonisation financing.

Effectively quantify real-time emissions and target reductions

Automated Scope 2 KPI Reporting. Reduce manual achievement review efforts

Increase ease in attaining green certifications and accessing sustainable financial services

Gain Access to over 190,000 certifications
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