Smart Structured Products

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A Swiss Private Bank managed to improve efficiency in daily operations and risk management of structured products, and increased servicing capacity by 300%.

Nathan platform

Programmable Assets Automate Asset Servicing

Structured Products are programmed with business logic to exhibit ‘if-then’ behavior based on different market occurrences. Subsequently on fixing date, smart contracts will automate servicing activities accordingly based on different payoff scenarios.

Removal of Need for Reconciliation

The Private Bank and its Counterparty have access to the same bilateral contract recorded on a transparent realtime single source of data, hence preventing any trade reconciliation from being required.

Self-Enforcing Smart Contracts Enhances Risk Management

Smart Contracts enforces and prevents trading activities above preset threshold parameters for the bank, simultaneously lowering compliance and risk monitoring costs for the bank.

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Digital Securities on Nathan Platform

The Nathan Platform is a specialised DLT Trade Processing platform for servicing Structured Products.

*MAS FSTI Grant awardee, for innovation in the financial sector

Features & Applicability