Our Technology

STACS Technology

The STACS Blockchain is a production ready blockchain designed for capital markets usage with core principles of confidentiality, flexibility and governance.
The STACS Blockchain has been developed since 2017 and deployed since 2019 for over 20 financial institutions to manage the entire lifecycle of digital securities. Read about the STACS Blockchain here.


The STACS Blockchain is readily deployable and available. Our Product Suite also includes enterprise front end applications that allow business users to interact with the blockchain effectively and easily. We also support both cloud-native deployments on on-premise deployments. Read more about our Dell On Premise deployment here.

Designed for Capital Markets

The STACS Blockchain has been developed and refined specifically for capital markets usage and use cases, based on the feedback of the financial institution partners we work with.  

The STACS Blockchain is also integrated with existing financial platforms to provide an end-to-end holistic solution coexisting with current technologies.

Connected Network of Financial Institution Participants

The STACS Network consists of a variety of multiple participants in different roles, forming viable ecosystems while remaining connected to existing market infrastructure.