Business Functions

Trade Lifecycle Management of Securities

Margin compression is a structural challenge

The trade lifecycle management of securities is increasingly complex, with workflows differing from institution to institution. Highly differentiated workflows are specifically drawn up for different market participants, leading to increasing intricacies and divergence from harmonised market structures. Meanwhile, intense competition, undermined by increasing costs from regulatory compliance and penalties, are driving declining profitability for financial institutions.

Explore new Opportunities with Settlity

Born out of necessity, Settlity is the next generation blockchain infrastructure that aids in reordering the industry structure and dynamics. Core capabilities are currently being rebuilt, driving further efficiencies and new revenue sources for participants.

Investment banks, custodians and stock exchanges are now utilising Settlity for streamlined trade lifecycle management of a multi asset value chain. With business logic programmed into the digital securities during the asset issuance phase, this create an ‘if-then’ logic construct that facilitates asset servicing. The end state is a highly modular technology stack that allows for concurrent confirmation of exchange trade details across the entire trade execution value chain, allowing back offices of all institutions from asset managers, brokers, exchanges and clearing houses to concurrently process accurate information.