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Remote work has increased significantly in recent years, spurred by the pandemic era, and this “revolution” is here to stay, with its many reported benefits such as lower carbon footprint, better mental and physical health, and higher productivity. As STACS scales up across Asia, a focus for us this year is to expand our talent pool and offices across the region. As our Managing Director, Benjamin Soh shared ‘”People are the essence of STACS”, and we believe that our success alludes to the collective efforts and common vision of the team.

To show our appreciation, we actively engage with our employees (both remote and in-office) through bi-weekly company updates, fun activities, and prizes. Our recent STACS Company Retreat 2023 was a great example, where the entire STACS team travelled to Malaysia for a fun 3-day-2-night trip to team build and realign on our company direction as Asia’s leading ESG FinTech, operating the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Greenprint’s ESG Registry. 

Meet Della, Quality Assurance Engineer from Taiwan

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Introducing Della, our Engineering team member based in Taiwan. In her leisure time, she enjoys singing, and her lively personality adds a touch of positivity to the STACS Engineering team. As a member of the Quality Assurance team, Della is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of STACS platforms around ESG Financial Products and Carbon Credits.

Della describes the recent STACS Company Retreat as “fantastic” and expresses her excitement about meeting colleagues in person and getting to know their personalities. The townhall update during the retreat gave her confidence in the company’s outlook and strengthened her relationships with her colleagues, creating a “sense of security and assurance in [her] job.”

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She appreciates the transparency and trust provided at STACS, where employees are given the freedom to test and learn on the job. Della also mentioned that she found language to be a challenge despite everyone speaking the same language. As a non-native English speaker, she found it difficult to understand and communicate with colleagues as “different countries have their own unique accent.” However, she feels grateful for her colleagues’ tolerance and patience, which gradually eased and encouraged her to “speak up with confidence.”

Advice for fellow remote team members:

“To think independently and have a plan for doing things.” As for the onboarding process, she assures that there is no need to worry since there was “perfect guidance from the beginning”. She emphasizes that self-discipline is important since no one will be watching your progress all the time.

Meet Linh Tran Hoang, Front-End Developer from Vietnam

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Meet Linh, our Front-End Developer based in Vietnam. Jokingly, he says that his family sees him as a hermit who talks to himself in a room alone due to the nature of remote work and frequent virtual meetings with the team. On the contrary, Linh is an avid lover of the outdoors and enjoys traveling and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular gym visits. As a Front-End Developer, he works closely with his team and manages the website UI for ESG Financial Products and Carbon Credits.

Linh expresses his excitement about gathering with his international colleagues in person during the recent STACS Company Retreat and appreciates the people-focused culture at STACS. He envisions a bright future for STACS, as he sees the company evolving to reach greener and greater heights in 2023. He is optimistic and wishes likewise for his career here – to continue growing, learning, and advancing.

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Advice for fellow remote team members:

On challenges, he shares that it’s all about managing expectations and familiarising yourself with processes, as he overcomes hurdles by “watching and learn”. One piece of advice he shares is the importance of “connectivity”. He emphasizes the importance of staying connected with coworkers to avoid feelings of isolation and suggests building rapport by staying personal. Like Della, he encourages everyone to “raise your hands anytime” and not shy away from asking questions.

Meet Htoo Kyaw, Full Stack Engineer from Myanmar

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Born in Mandalay, Myanmar, Htoo Kyaw is part of our Full-Stack engineer team. He has fond memories of his college days, where he was active in campus events like football, and was known to be a patient, quiet, and fun-loving person. In his role as a Full-Stack Engineer, he is responsible for writing efficient code for STACS platforms and technology around ESG Financial Products and Carbon Credits.

Htoo Kyaw shares  that the team-building activities in the recent company retreat improved camaraderie and helped him develop his leadership skills. He remarks that he felt welcomed as his colleagues were friendly and open to sharing their “knowledge in technologies and culture.”

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Advice for fellow remote team members:

As a remote working employee, Htoo Kyaw also cites language as a challenge in his daily work, as clear communication and sharing of findings with his team are crucial. He recognizes the importance to “learn English and practise by speaking out more and listening” to his peers. His advice for fellow remote employees would be to constantly communicate, whether it’s to share experiences or raise needs, as it helps build relationships and connections regardless of physical distance.

STACS Culture on Remote Working as a Green FinTech

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At STACS, we understand the value of having a diverse team, with their unique experiences and know-hows in their respective countries across Asia. We believe in the benefits of remote work, as it fosters trust among employees and gives them the freedom and flexibility to be productive.

Hiring remote employees provides access to a wider pool of talent from different parts of Asia and aligns with our focus on putting people first. We are committed to promoting diversity, embracing open-mindedness, and nurturing female tech leaders, as part of our continuous effort to operate ethically and improve.

Onboarding for our Remote Team Members to ensure strong cohesiveness and guidance

During the recruitment process, all candidates are informed of the company’s mission and objectives to ensure they are aligned. Upon onboarding, new employees are required to attend a mandatory orientation session with our Managing Director, Benjamin Soh, to learn more about the company’s background, vision, and direction. This helps new hires to find greater meaning in their daily work and how they are all collectively contributing to the company’s overall success.

Regular reviews are conducted on a quarterly basis in order for team leads to provide guidance on the member’s roles and expectations. The team members’ performance, development, and understanding of company’s policies and processes, are hence well covered with these systems in place.

David Teo, Executive Director at STACS“At STACS, we believe in investing in our People as they form the core of the company. Hiring for ESG FinTech roles is not just about finding the right skills, but about finding individuals who share our vision and values, and are committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. Remote hiring allows us to tap into new perspectives and foster a culture of inclusivity, ultimately leading to more sustainable and impactful solutions as we scale up across Asia and globally.”

Join the STACS team – Remote Working Opportunities Available

STACS Hiring for Remote Workers + Full TImers

Join us if you are eager to be part of digitalisation for sustainability and want to learn and grow in a diverse and inclusive environment. Visit our Careers Page to learn more on available positions, including remote working opportunities. Together, we look forward to shaping green fintech for Asia and beyond.


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