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As a one-stop registry of holistic data and digital tools, ESGpedia is already in place today through real economy use cases and empowering multiple sectors across Asia towards sustainability and net zero.

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Real Estate Supply Chain Engagement

OCBC, Ghim Li, Bureau Veritas

Sustainability-Linked Loans

uob bank

Supplementing data for ESG management

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Green Finance for Real Estate

OCBC, Ghim Li, Bureau Veritas

Localisation to enhance carbon mitigation with RECs in Vietnam

uob bank

Localisation to empower ESG reporting in Indonesia

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Localisation to empower ESG reporting in Philippines

OCBC, Ghim Li, Bureau Veritas

Integration with Global Technology System

uob bank

ESG reporting for Transportation and Logistics

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Education for ecosystem digital enablement

Investment Bond Portfolio Monitoring

High-Quality Carbon Credits

Supplier Sustainability Monitoring


Fashion and Textile

Transportation and Logistics


Built Environment and Efficiency-based Digital Carbon Verification

How does ESGpedia empower companies towards Net Zero?


Supplier Sustainability Monitoring

With regulatory and business push for greener supply chains, we enable companies to better monitor their ESG credentials and suppliers’ sustainability commitment throughout their end-to-end supply chain.

Fractionalised Carbon Credits for Consumers

We have partnered with Razer Inc. as the technology partner for Restorify to empower companies to provide traceable carbon neutral check-out for end-consumers via fractionalized carbon offsets.

Financial Portfolio Monitoring

We help banks, asset managers, and insurance companies to streamline monitoring of their ESG portfolio through real-time visibility of sustainability performance.

ESG Playbooks

Operating the Greenprint ESG Registry, we have become an epicentre of a robust ecosystem of ESG partners. Corporates of any size can connect with our ecosystem of partners across Asia to achieve greater ESG capabilities, reporting, and attain ESG financial services.

Green Trade Financing

We work with certification and sector platforms to aggregate industry-recognised ESG Certifications, ESG Disclosures, and ESG Data from various commodity sectors to equip financial institutions with end-to-end visibility and digital tools to streamline sustainable trade financing.

Empowering consumers to
carbon offset with traceable
Fractionalised Carbon Credits

Calculate carbon footprint and life cycle assessments

Fractionalised carbon offsets with end-to-end traceability via ESGpedia

Easily embed in online check-out feature


Co-Founder & CEO
Razer Inc.
“Our life-cycle approach allows us to develop interventions that drive emission reductions, but carbon credits will still have a role to play in the transition to becoming net zero, In our own journey to net zero, we have realized that there are growing pains and that not all carbon credits are equal. With Restorify, we hope our novel approach towards carbon credits will foster greater accountability and transparency within carbon offsetting.”


Better review of sustainability-labelled
bonds, with ongoing monitoring and
visibility of sustainability claims

Streamlined monitoring to facilitate real-time visibility of sustainability performance

Drive greater engagement with investees to ensure continued commitment to sustainability

Active management of risks and supports ESG requirements


Head of Sustainable Investing, Asia
Manulife Investment Management
“STACS ESGpedia portfolio monitoring tool is intended to allow us to see greater asset level details, such as the green certifications of the buildings financed by green bonds. This would support our ongoing due diligence and monitoring of investee companies.”

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