Hybrid Ledger Technology Tailored for Global Tokenised Securities

What Is Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlement (STACS) Protocol?

  • A scalable ledger network layer
  • Seamlessly stacks on top of existing financial institutions
  • Enables tokenisation of the complete financial industry with zero inertia

Key Financial Markets Predicaments

Limited By Traditional Finance Legacy Technology

The "T+3" settlement cycle of the financial markets remained unchanged since 1994 – over the same three decades which witnessed the revolutionary birth of the internet.
High latency prevails with heavy intermediary involvement

Limited Funding Opportunities

Traditional project financing and company fund-raising are largely localised and time-consuming.

Tokenisation facilitates access to a global pool of fund-raising capabilities yet requires compliance with regulations in different jurisdictions.

Tokenised Securities Limited by Lack of Infrastructure

Missing universal standards, high volatility, incomplete DLT solutions shake market certainty

The fragmented trading landscape, with limited liquidity by low institutional participation, calls for a united solution

At present time, there is no single Blockchain that is fit-for-purpose for global capital markets and regulated financial institutions. A bona fide solution is needed for the challenges interpolated amongst the financial legacies, funding limitations and Tokenised Securities fragmentation.

Redefine Finance with the STACS Solution

The Next Blockchain Chapter for Business Growth

With the inevitable market evolution, our development empowers entities to break boundaries of financial industries with blockchain technologies and closes the liquidity gap of securities offerings.

Fundamentally disrupting conventional capital markets is the STACS innovation – fully-compliant token standard, accessible tokenised securities trading capabilities, global network of investor confidence.

“Not Reinventing The Wheel, Just Making It Spin Faster!”​

The STACS Protocol Stacking Towards Market Forefront

The STACS Protocol has the goal to radically transform the capital markets with Distributed Ledger Technology and show  leadership  in  the space, addressing Capital Markets inefficiencies by unlocking the tremendous potential of Tokenised Securities and Digital Assets.

The STACS global hybrid permissioned-public blockchain architecture applies all users in the financial community – Verified Partners, Issuers, Investors, Technology Providers and Regulators.

STACS dynamically bridges the worldwide network in finance, and blockchain technologies, maintaining enterprise autonomy while creating an ecosystem of digitised financial services adhering to the strictest regulatory standards.

What are Tokenised Securities?

Tokenised Securities are second-generation tokens which can be backed by a wide variety of assets beyond traditional equities and bonds. They provide financial rights to an investor as bankable investments with the anticipatable profits in the future.

Benefits of DLT

Arming Capital Markets Against Legacy Problems

Disintermediation – Break Down the Middleman

Reducing the cost of middleman commissions through enforcing zero intermediaries between the issuers and investors

Strong Security, Regulatory Certainty

Hard-coded, immutable blockchain technology in line with regulatory clarity in a market compliance environment for reporting purposes

24/7 Market Liquidity Worldwide

Presenting fractional ownership and a true market that never sleeps – with cost reductions – and by establishing a network for secondary trading

Shortened Settlement Cycle

Lowered barriers to trade execution, clearing and settlement with efficient collateral management

Unlock All Asset Classes

Unleash illiquid asset value to attain enhanced financing and trading capabilities

How STACS Resolves Full Lifecycle Issues

T+0 Trading Environment

Global 24/7 free market for trading

All asset classes are applicable

As T+0 becomes a reality, STACS bypasses trade interferences and eliminates T+3 settlement periods

Decentralised, Frictionless Environment

Encounter zero resistance by avoiding major restructuring difficulties, saving high R&D costs while adopting the benefits of blockchain

Our infrastructure paves the way for a worldwide integration of institutions without disrupting the economic flow of autonomy in finance

Open-Sourced, Modular Architecture for Mass Adoption

Secure for all clients within a collaborative marketplace to expand upon open-sourced initiatives

Usage of DLT and institutional-grade governance for an enhanced financing structure

Shared-Governance Community Ecology

Next-generation co-governance ecology via global regulated networks abiding to the strictest of financial regulations

Suited for regulatory reporting with market compliance and clarity, customisable to respective client jurisdictions

The Ladder to Capital Markets 3.0 –
Old Legacies Away, New Protocol to Stay

Are You Chained to The Past or Ready For The Future of Blockchain?

Technical Highlights of the STACS Standard
Permissioned chain means only preapproved entities can run the supernodes/nodes that validate transaction blocks and execute smart contracts on the blockchain.

Public chain means any person, thing, or entity can run a node for the blockchain, public mining and create smart contracts with other members or parties

Hybrid model uses both permissioned and public chains effective in a dual-execution model.

Gain Unparalleled Trust with Compliant Capabilities
Issuance of security tokens and tokenised assets is channelled by STACS Standard smart contract technologies in the context of financial institutions and digital securities, simultaneously enforcing eligibility and transferability restrictions compliant to regulations.
Governed by credible VPs with competitively higher transaction output, both Global-Native STACS structure can easily support up to 600-800 TPS and 12,000-130,000 TPS respectively, creating a true frictionless experience.
Dual functions of the permissioned-public hybrid structure catalyses the blockchain architecture into serving capital market mechanisms and unmet needs of performance supremacy for our permissioned Native STACS and underlying wide-outreach consensus for our public Global STACS.

Be Part of STACS Framework Today

 Native STACS

Free-to-deploy permissioned blockchain system running in parallel with existing operational infrastructure for seamless business adaptation. 

Native STACS gives Verified Partners the power to customise standards as a non-disruptive sandbox according to local regulatory requirements, jurisdictional compliance and technical preferences with control over participants’ involvement. 

With the use of smart contract technologies for an easily deployable layer atop of existing business operations, the chain fuels financial institutions with a blockchain-powered experience at 12,000-130,000 transactions per second (TPS) depending on the transactional nature.
Verified Partners (VPs): Investment Banks, Broker-Dealers, Exchanges, Alternative Financing Platforms and any Qualified Financial Institutions

Issuers: Issue financial products and securities, such as bonds, equities, funds etc. through the VPs with STACS technology

Regulators: Uphold the compliant nature of products adhering to strictest standards

Fintech Providers: Develop apps and platforms easily using our protocol
 Global STACS

Open-sourced public chain with direct pluggable access to an all-inclusive marketplace. 

With API documentation, the open-sourced nature and dynamic infrastructure actively support functions used by public blockchain - ie. token circulation, peer-to-peer network and transaction verification consensus.

The openness in our innovation enables institutions to harness the seamlessly stackable STACS nature without replacing existing systems and extend market boundaries.
Two node statuses (“Supernodes”/”Global Nodes”) are attainable on Global STACS for the eligibility of the participation in the transaction verification consensus and transaction fee distribution.

– Issuers: Issue financial products and securities, such as bonds, equities, funds etc. through the VPs with STACS technology

Global Nodes: Entities are welcome to apply and stake nodes for the function of block packaging in Global STACS

Supernodes: Available only to selected Institutions, which validate the block transactions packaged by the Global Nodes

Investor Ecosystem: Public investing participation with STACS tools

Fintech Providers: Develop apps and platforms easily using our protocol

How STACS Works

Instantly-Deployable Global Hybrid Blockchain Architecture

Permissioned Chain (Performance Supremacy — overcomes the low performance levels in public Blockchains)

Public Chain (Global Consensus— allows full public consensus and transparency not available in private Blockchains)

Running Parallel to Existing Businesses
  • Native STACS
  • Native STACS
  • Native STACS
Global STACS
The free STACS Personal Wallet and the premium Enterprise Wallet manage private keys and digital assets for respective users. 
The latter supports cold storage, multi-signature facilities as a secure hardware solution.

  • Unparalleled security and transparency with smart contract restrictions–enhancing distribution of rights, dividends, repayments.
  • Ease-of-use with mobile app availability utilising in-built support for BTC, ETH, LTC and several public cryptocurrencies.
  • As the backbone of digital trust, investors’ personal information are never published publicly.
The Browser displays all information in the STACS Protocol.

  • Native STACS browser: For VPs to view the information recorded within the Native STACS
  • Global STACS browser: A database for the public’s access on Global STACS information such as block history, transaction details, etc
The online Marketplace is a one-stop platform of investor ecosystem with digitised and global outreach, enhancing capital ease on a peer-to-peer basis, via an interactive information portal in locating buyers and sellers.

  • Securities tokens, asset tokens, tokenised securities, etc are issued through the listed VPs. Eligible users can trade or transfer securities tokens in the VP’s trading platforms
  • Offer primary sales through decentralised, primary offerings – while enabling secondary, decentralised trading – unlocking additional tier of global, fractional liquidity to any asset previously illiquid.
We offer a whitelabel of the STACS Platform to VPs, ie. the trading platform being customised to fit needs.

  • This functions as a stackable layer of capable of trading functions and regulatory reporting abiding by the highest standards of securities regulations.

Diverge away from Conventional Conflicts,
Converge into Our Community

Are You Future-Ready?

How STACS Streamlines Traditional Market Flows

Who Will Benefit?

Be Empowered with STACS

Verified Partner

Verified Partner

Costless enterprise transformation with auditable data points, utilising blockchain solutions, at no integrative inertia. Highly-scalable STACS rewards as part of a global-outreach network.



Direct access to worldwide secondary liquidity and investment opportunities, via fractionalised ownership, at immediate executions and lower trading fees.



Issuance of any asset class at a 24/7 global marketplace, through regulated VPs, with a wide outreach to liquidity pool of whitelisted investors and efficient go-to-market processes.

Technology Provider

Technology Provider

Collaborative, open-sourced approach with developers and APIs to freely build apps/platforms, monetising on a global network and STO market.



Ease in adherence towards regulatory standards with automated reporting and instantly-available, fully-auditable records.

Developed By The GSX Group

An All-Encompassing Ecosystem of Regulated Exchanges,
Blockchain Platforms and Networks, Technological Services

1st Global Stock Exchange to Run a Regulated Crypto-Exchange
Assets Guaranteed by International Top-Tier Insurers
Adherence to the Strictest of Regulatory Environments

Revolutionising the Ecosystem with

World-Leading Management Expertise

Triple-Layer Credibility In Securities Practices – Unification of Traditional Finance, Blockchain Technologies and Codes of Practices

The thought leadership behind the STACS technology and structure stays rooted in years of innovation – forming world-leading and institutional-grade Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). The minds involved in forming the STACS protocol stem from regulatory expertise and know-how in traditional finance, blockchain and codes of practices

Cross Boundaries of Capital Markets –
The Best Technology with Zero-Licensing Fees

The STACS allows you to access a global liquidity pool of whitelisted investors, offers enhanced client services with complete
blockchain solutions, experiences new investment markets via STOs and digitally transforms your business.

The best part is – it costs you nothing to start today.

STAC Your Way to a Head Start

With a first-mover advantage for its users, STACS is the highly-anticipated proprietary technology to enhance
liquidity and capital exposure, where the first version of live implementation is expected by Q1 2019.

Want to Be in the Know of Progressive Markets
and Blockchain-Based Fintech Dynamism?