Hashstacs-GSX Partnership Announces Successful Deployment of Digital Stock Exchange Prototype On Blockchain

Singapore — March 5, 2019 — Hashstacs Inc (“Hashstacs”) has successfully deployed the Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlement (“STACS”) Network’s Global Demo TestNet. As one of the first adopters of the STACS Network blockchain, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (“GSX”) has successfully deployed a GSX Digital Stock Exchange Prototype on the STACS Network and has issued a demo bond using it. The STACS Network was built to empower finance industry to issue, trade, clear and settle digital assets efficiently.

Jay Ng - Managing Director at Hashstacs
Jay Ng, Managing Director at Hashstacs, said, “We are extremely excited about the achievement today. The successful deployment of the STACS Global Demo TestNet and GSX Prototype on the STACS Network is an important milestone for finance industry’s journey toward a digital asset era. We are proud to be spearheading this evolution with the STACS Network, alongside many top-tier, forward-looking institutions.”

With the successful deployment of the STACS Global Demo TestNet and GSX prototype, Hashstacs has begun embarking on pilot deployment phase with more strategic partners. Hashstacs also welcomes more partners to use the Global Demo TestNet.

STACS is built specifically to meet unique requirements from financial institutions. For example, the Distributed Ledger Technology supports both UTXO and the double entry accounting method used in finance. Unique customisable consensus logic and innovative node design allow full customisation according to each financial institution’s requirements. STACS natively supports KYC/AML requirements and use of smart contracts on both JavaScript and Solidity, and has achieved more than 10,000 transactions per second during testing.

About Hashstacs

Hashstacs is in a unique position to truly create a global marketplace for digital assets through inclusive collaboration. Established by a team of market-proven professionals from Tier-1 finance and technology firms, its proprietary STACS Network distributed ledger technology is designed specifically for Finance. Its connected network of partner financial institutions, comprising of stock exchanges, banks, issuers, funds, dealer-brokers, investment banks and various market participants, is building the future of capital markets together today.

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Website: https://hashstacs.io
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About Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX)

Open since 2014, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) is one of the youngest exchanges in the world, providing a unique listing process, with an unparalleled speed-to-market for issuers. The GSX, as part of the wider GSX Group, pioneers in new technologies to improve efficiency and reduce cost within capital markets. Currently operating a Main Market (EU) and Global Market (MTF), listing funds and debt securities, with the intention to achieve a license extension to trade equities in 2019, the GSX aims to become the first fully blockchain-enabled stock exchange, trading in digital securities.

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Website: https://www.gsx.gi
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