Data Analyst

We are looking for a Data Analyst with experience in handling large data sets and relational databases to contribute towards the development of our ESGpedia platform, a global ESG registry for the financial sector. The ideal candidate is a hands-on data analyst with a strong interest in data processing and visualization with strong familiarity in SQL and data cleaning tools. You must be comfortable working across multiple teams in a fast-paced environment with little supervision in an Agile environment. You will gain in depth knowledge of various ESG sectors that we work with and contribute to the data models as well as the end visual products that business users will utilize daily.
Job Responsibilities

Your core responsibilities: 

    1. Define and implement data collection and validation logic for optimal scalability and performance with automation 
    2. Work closely with the partnership team to understand analytical needs and deliver actionable insights to our end users 
    3. Provide technical expertise in data storage structures, data mining and data cleaning 
    4. Support initiatives for data integrity and normalization to improve internal data models
    5. Create and maintain interactive visualizations using cloud-based BI and ML tools 
  • Strong technical writing and verbal communication skills 
  • >2 years of experience as a data analyst 
  • Proven analytical skills such as data mining, evaluation, analysis and visualization
  • Demonstrated experience in handling data in relational and nosql databases
  • Proficient in SQL with a natural curiosity to pick up other analytic tools 
  • Detail oriented and data driven, strong in problem solving skills
  • Basic coding knowledge, in any language (R, Javascript, Python) is preferred
    What You Will Need to Thrive
    • Value teamwork above all.
    • Natural curiosity to learn.
    • Loves to work with code.
    • Intrinsically motivated personality.
    • High adaptability and strong problem-solving skills.
    • Customer focused mindset.
    • Self-starter who thrives on complexity and independence.