DevOps Lead Engineer

We are looking for a DevOps Lead Engineer specializing in Kubernetes and AWS Cloud to join our rapidly expanding Engineering team and contribute to the reliability, scalability, and security of our product platforms. You will have the opportunity to work on the forefront of technology that includes private blockchain networks and containerized applications running natively on the cloud.

The ideal candidate is a hands-on engineer with a strong interest in implementing DevOps procedures to ensure the smooth deployment of software on AWS Cloud using the latest technologies. You must have strong, first-hand technical expertise with Kubernetes and Java applications with a passion for automation. You must be comfortable managing an international team of engineers and working in a fast-paced environment with little supervision in an Agile environment.

You will be a key contributor in the burgeoning field of sustainable finance working in cross discipline teams ranging from Customer Success to the Product team.

Job Responsibilities

As a DevOps engineer, you will be responsible for building new features and enhancing existing functionalities of the platform based on business requirements in the production environment.

You will design and construct transformative and authorization-based core functionalities in the financial industry.

Your daily responsibilities will include:

  • Managing the technical operations of company products to ensure overall high performance and availability.
  • Following up on product services from onboarding to deployment and being responsible for automated operations and CI/CD solutions.
  • Developing operational tools, integrating platform interfaces, and participating in the scripting of platform tools.
  • Experience in planning, building, and maintaining highly available architectures for large-scale website services is preferred.
  • Resolving technical issues encountered during operations, proactively identifying operational risks, and optimizing business processes.
  • Enhancing operational efficiency and service quality through the application of technical skills and development capabilities.
  • Improving the automation version control process.
  • Designing automated deployment processes.
  • Setting up and managing log and configuration tools.
  • Considering cost expenditures and security simultaneously during the process design.
  • Focusing on the core principles of DevOps, establishing a good cross-team collaboration model, and building trust through effective communication.
  • Assisting relevant departments in handling incidents and improving processes according to the situation and requirements.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Engineering or a related scope.
  • At least 2-5 years of experience in operations and maintenance and virtualization technology (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, etc.).
  • Experience in setting up and implementing CI/CD platforms (either Terraform, Codepipeline, Jenkins etc.).
  • Experience with Configuration Management Tools (e.g., Ansible, Puppet, etc.).
  • Knowledge of log management (either Prometheus, ELK, etc).
  • Proficiency in scripting (either Python, Bash, etc).
  • Experience with systems like Tomcat, Weblogic, including Java applications.
  • Experience with one or more cloud platforms (preferably AWS).
  • Experience in KM document management and independent technical document production (e.g.. Confluence, etc).
  • Basic operations and knowledge of Git (e.g., Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc).
  • Basic cybersecurity and network security technical experience.
  • Understanding of network protocols and network domain know-how (Sockets, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP, Load Balancer, Network Subnet, etc.).
  • Cloud DevOps Certifications on AWS, GCP, Azure (Preferably AWS, Good to have)

The candidate must:

  • Teamwork value prioritize.
  • Curiosity and a proactive learning attitude.
  • Enjoy programming and coding.
  • Adaptability and the ability to independently solve problems.
  • Be customer-centric.
  • Be proactive and thrive in complexity and independence.