Better review of sustainability-labelled bonds, with ongoing monitoring and visibility of sustainability claims

Manulife Investment Management

STACS’ ESGpedia Portfolio Monitoring module enables global wealth and asset management segment of Manulife Financial Corporation, Manulife Investment Management, to monitor the underlying quality of sustainable investments on an ongoing basis.

The asset management industry faces a lack of forward-looking disclosure, real-time data, and common taxonomy in sustainability-labeled bonds including but not limited to Green, Social, Sustainability, and Sustainability-linked bond. Data is fragmented and processes of sustainability assessments, monitoring, and servicing, are highly manual and labour-intensive, hindering effective sustainable investments decisions.

ESGpedia serves as a central ESG registry for the financial industry. Manulife Investment Management leverages ESG data and digital tools on ESGpedia for ongoing monitoring of investments in sustainability labelled bonds, through visibility of the underlying certifications on the asset and/ or portfolio level by the issuers. Customers are also able to access ongoing data from authorised counterparts via data consent management on ESGpedia, thus effectively enabling an enhanced digitalised workflow for the sustainability-labelled bonds investment monitoring process.

Streamlined monitoring to facilitate real-time visibility of sustainability performance

Drive greater stewardship engagement with investees to ensure continued commitment to sustainability

Active management of risks and supports ESG requirements


Head of Sustainable Investing, Asia
Manulife of Investment Management“STACS ESGpedia portfolio monitoring tool is intended to allow us to see greater asset level details, such as the green certifications of the buildings financed by green bonds. This would support our ongoing due diligence and monitoring of investee companies.”

How does ESGpedia streamline sustainability-labelled
Financial Portfolio Monitoring?

Companies are able to utilise the ‘Portfolio Monitoring’ module on ESGpedia to easily access and view real-time sustainability data of bonds withina single portfolio. This includes visibility of third-party assurances and asset-level details on green and sustainability-related certifications of projects financed by green bonds. Automated email notifications provide timely updates on changes in the portfolio’s ESG performance.

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