Better sustainability monitoring of suppliers, streamlining ESG reporting metrics, and enabling Sustainable Finance for businesses

Singapore Fashion Council

Partnering the Singapore Fashion Council on identifying and facilitating Green Financing solutions for its textile and fashion members, enabling businesses to achieve carbon neutrality and green credentials in global supply chains to remain competitive.

Demand for sustainable fashion has been steadily growing, with a majority of 66% of consumers considering sustainability when purchasing clothes. With STACS’s ESGpedia, Singapore Fashion Council can enable textile and fashion companies and enterprises to better monitoring the sustainability performance of suppliers and global ESG credentials in their supply chain, differentiate themselves in their green practices through green credentials that are based on globally recognised industry standards, and achieve greater access to ESG capital through sustainable finance.

The solution will be scaled across Asia via ecosystem partnerships to collectively drive positive impact and empower businesses to build resilience in today’s environment. This is key in enabling the ASEAN supply chain to be sustainable and competitive, maintaining its role as a leading supply chain of the world.

Gain access to industry- recognized self-disclosed corporate ESG data and certifications

Facilitates sustainable supply chain financing through greater transparency, enhancing suppliers' access to sustainable financing

Enables greater access to green financing solutions, ESG-linked investments, and sustainability- linked ESG KPIS

Provides large corporates with comprehensive monitoring of various ESG credentials throughout their supply chain, and thus, scope 3 emissions

Maintains export competitiveness of ASEAN suppliers in foreign markets which mandates ESG credentials

Gain Access to over 500,000 certifications

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