End to End Bonds Trade Lifecycle Management

Powered by STACS Blockchain Technology​

Numerous Banks and an Asian Exchange/CSD are now able to lower the cost and time needed to issue bonds, to take advantage of brief funding windows, while generating efficiencies in settlement and discovering new market opportunities.​

DLT Based Post Trade as a Driver, not obstacle, for Liquidity

Usage of DLT for post trade to facilitate efficient clearing and settlement of securities, providing efficient asset servicing and liquidity to market participants.

Green Bonds & SDG Goals

Supports “green bonds” with DLT complementing SDG investor matching, tracking of usage of proceeds and impact reporting.

Global Linkages and Market Harmonization

Usage of a common ledger to harmonize fragmented settlement cycles and connect cross border flow of capital.

Speedy and low-cost Deployment replicable and scalable to multiple jurisdictions

Issuer services are packaged into preconfigured smart contracts, replicable and easily deployable for multiple issuers, connected to other key market participants like registrars, CSDs, custodians etc. This can be replicated in multiple jurisdictions.

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Digital Securities on Trident Platform

The Trident Platform is an End to End
Securities Trade Lifecycle Management platform.

Features & Applicability

More Flexible, Frequent & Rapid Issuance

Greater Efficiencies in Settlement & Corporate Actions

Management of Proceeds & Supply Chain Tracking

Transaction Transparency, Impact Reporting

Project Benja – A Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FSTI Project

Project Benja is a “Proof of Commercialization” initiative between Deutsche Bank and STACS, to jointly explore the technological and practical feasibility of digital assets interoperability, liquidity, cross-border connectivity, and smart contract templates, including the support of sustainability-themed digital bonds.

STACS, in collaboration with Deutsche Bank Securities Services, was awarded the Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) Proof-of-Concept grant on 29 October 2020, administered by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Project Benja Objectives & Applicability


To examine standards, workflows and integrations etc in end-end bond transaction, with eventual aim of creation of ‘playbook’ for eventual live transaction


ESG Financing, Cross-border, Micro Bonds, secondary trading

Project Harbour

Project Harbour seeks to facilitate more seamless bond issuances and to enhance operational efficiencies in the entire trade lifecycle management of a bond product. Project Harbour looks to increase the depth and breadth of issuer and investor base, so as to build up the bond marketplace in Malaysia.

Project Sponsor
Ecosystem Participants