#STACS: Email Automation Service with AWS SES and SNS

The STACS Solutions Engineering team was looking to build a fully automated service that processes emails to enhance our existing AWS hosted Application service. This automation would allow a user to send emails to our application service where it would then process the data in the incoming email payload before sending the processed data to digest back to the user.

A few considerations came to mind when designing a robust solution that could scale, namely:

  • We needed to ensure the application service could retry processing of an incoming email should the first attempt failed.
  • The response back to the user is time critical since the sending of the processed payload to the user must be ASAP
  • The solution must be able to handle many email messages for the processing and should scale easily
  • Works with our existing application service that is deployed with API Gateway

Hence, we decided to design the solution on the AWS Cloud to enable integration with our current application services and to take advantage of the managed services by AWS to reduce the need for maintenance and dedicated manpower.

For more details, please read the technical report here


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