STACS has a partnership with SGInnovate to welcome talented interns and share the passion of the industry. SGInnovate supports entrepreneurial scientists to build Deep Tech startups. They also make the bridge between entrepreneurial scientists in the market who have the ambition, passion and expertise to develop Deep Tech solutions to challenge global problems, and top talent together. The purpose of the ecosystem is to discuss, share and inspire ideas of innovation. More info about SGInnivate here.

Son Soo Han is currently a student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and preparing his degree in Engineering Systems and Design, with a minor in Information Systems. His primary focus is on data science and analytics. He gained some experience in analytics projects through different companies especially in creating dashboards and other intelligence tools. He joined #STACS engineering department for 17 weeks.

For his internship, SGInnovate gave him a project to work on: risk compliance traceability tool for digital securities. At STACS, it’s meanly tracing data on the blockchain, building analytics feature on the platform that could detect anomalous transactions on the blockchain, which could be released in the future.

Soo Han as a clear perspective of his future plans: “working at STACS is giving me great visibility on my future career, learning about these technical tools into blockchain solutions been very helpful…I want to pursue entrepreneurship, and STACS exposes to me thought different members of the company who shared their experiences , it’s inspiring me for my future startup.”

It’s his first time working for a startup, and he’s enjoying the environment. He explained to us the importance of the management,the fluid communication between employees and the support that he’s received on his first day.

The transmission of knowledge and support to our future generation is the key spirit value of STACS.


STACS is a Singapore fintech development company focusing on the digital transformation of the financial industry. Today, our clients and partners such as stock exchanges, banks, asset management firms etc are using our proprietary Securities Trading Asset Clearing and Settlement (STACS) Blockchain for various use cases while working together with their ecosystem participants to enjoy efficiency savings in operations and to create new revenue streams.
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