STACS is highlighted on Business Time — A hand up vs a handout

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC : How may Singapore strengthen social support systems while still upholding self reliance?
Below is our Managing Director’s, Jay Ng’s, contribution to Views from the Top in the Business Times: It is laudable that during this Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore does not need to borrow or resort to quantitative easing measures, as we have enough resources to see us through the crisis. While self reliance and personal responsibility with family as the primary source of collective support is important, the government and the various social support organisations must continue to play their part to ensure that the necessary support systems are there for those who need it. However, job creation is a key factor to uphold self reliance. The government must continue to provide incentives for businesses to grow and adapt to new challenges. At STACS, we are hiring people with specialised technical skills as we build blockchain solutions for the financial sector. Therefore, our workforce must be prepared to upskill and undergo new skills training in order to stay relevant.
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