STACS is published on Business Times  — Emerging stronger from the storm

THIS WEEK TOPIC: How is your organisation girding for the recession? Are there any silver linings or bright spots amid the economic gloom?
Organisations have to be on the lookout for trends and developments that will affect their industries and the economy. This will help to weather any downturns and recession. In the mid of recession, there are also certain industries that buck the trend. One such exception is the fintech industry where Hashstacs operates. Hashstacs’s technology provides efficient and improved operations and risk management for banks. It is also able to use live and production-ready solutions to easily generate efficiencies and cost savings of up to 95 per cent for banks and stock exchanges. Another solution is the ability to handle live trade operations for top-tier asset managers and their custodians in real time. Using blockchain technology to provide innovations for adoption by banks, asset management firms and stock exchanges can be seen as the silver lining amid the economic gloom.
Above is our Managing Director’s, Jay Ng’s, contribution to Views from the Top in the Business Times Singapore (online).The original article also appeared on: stronger-from-the-storm


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