STACS is published on Business Time — The Future of frequent flying

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC : Will you resume business travel once the travel curbs are lifted?
Below is our Managing Director’s, Jay Ng’s, contribution to Views from the Top in the Business Times: Covid-19 has brought a new normal for all of us, including how we conduct our businesses. During this lockdown period, business owners have realised the importance of technology in improving productivity and in reducing physical contact with clients and between staff. This is especially seen in the financial sector where for example, most physical bank branches are closed. Customers are using banking apps for most of their banking needs. At Stacs, we play a role in helping financial institutions to digitalise many of their products/services through our blockchain technology where physical contact is minimised. In fact, any processes can be made redundant or fully automated. With widespread technology adoption brought about by Covid-19, businesses will get more comfortable in reducing business travel. At Stacs, we will monitor the global Covid-19 situation closely and react accordingly. Safety of our staff is of utmost priority
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