STACS News on Business Times as a Catalyst for Change

MON, APR 6, 2020–As one of Singapore’s leading fintech companies, we are early adopters of using technology to increase productivity and have been coping well with tele-commuting. Covid-19 has pushed mainstream companies and organisations to embrace new technologies in working, including away from office. I do think this will get people comfortable with technology and bring long-term changes in the way we work.

Similarly, STACS Blockchain and our suite of technology transforms how financial institutions operate. For example, in issuing and managing the life-cycle of securities, STACS technology removes manual processes and bankers have more time for high value-added work. Just like telecommuting, it increases productivity, provides a high level of flexibility and saves time.

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Above is our Managing Director’s, Jay Ng’s, contribution to Views from the Top in the Business Times Singapore (online).


STACS is a Singapore fintech development company focusing on the digital transformation of the financial industry. Today, our clients and partners such as stock exchanges, banks, asset management firms etc are using our proprietary Securities Trading Asset Clearing and Settlement (STACS) Blockchain for various use cases while working together with their ecosystem participants to enjoy efficiency savings in operations and to create new revenue streams.

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