STACS Quarterly Update

STACS — Your Partner Through the Tornado of Change
Dear STACS Ecosystem Participants,
I hope you and your loved ones are well during these extraordinary times. Despite the challenges, work must continue, and I want to share with you what STACS has been doing in this first quarterly newsletter for 2020. As you probably agree, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the financial industry significantly, and trading in bonds, derivatives and securities have been negatively impacted. As one of Singapore’s leading Fintech development companies, STACS sees more opportunities for us to transform the securities life cycle of financial institutions using our blockchain technology. It saves them time, money, resources and even enhances security — the right bolster for companies facing this current crisis. It provides infrastructure that is truly distributed such that markets do not get disrupted.

We are very pleased to share our recent key updates.

Key Projects We have many key projects progressing well, including the following:
  • Project Mercury: A top-tier asset manager and a global European bank have committed to a collaboration with STACS to enhance straight-through processing and real-time trade lifecycle management, starting with ETD trades. This will eventually evolve into an industry-wide project in the near future.
  • Project Lego: A live bond issuance on blockchain, originating in ASEAN and with the end-to-end lifecycle managed across jurisdictions.
  • Project Nathan: A collaborative project to facilitate automation of internal processes related to FX Structured Products, with the use of smart contract technologies and a shared ledger distributed across various business units of banks.
Key Integrations We are on track to integrate with existing financial platforms and other blockchains. For example, we have recently upgraded our current integration with Project Ubin, and have also successfully done a high-throughput deployment on Dell on-premise servers. We will keep you posted as we progress. “We are Hiring” New talents in various functions have been joining the STACS family recently, as we continue to expand and commit to our business. Product Upgrade STACS Blockchain v4.0 upgrade has been completed which enhances our proposed business model solution to include greater connectivity via APIs, a modular infrastructure and upgraded front-end platform, with a ready Global STACS network. Flexible options include co-ownership of Native STACS infrastructure if desired. Upcoming New “Settlity” Launch on Global STACS “Settlity” is a next generation blockchain infrastructure that allows Financial Institutions to manage and trade digital financial assets simply. Stay tuned for more information of this exciting new launch. Conclusion As always, STACS plays a critical role in supporting our clients and the global financial markets, and we take the role very seriously. You’ve placed your trust in us, and our people are working incredibly hard to deliver on our promise to be there for you during this challenging time. I am extremely proud of the dedication and professionalism our employees have demonstrated during this time. We are with you and ready to continue to provide the full strength of our company, demonstrating our commitment, to serve you — now and in the future. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you for your partnership and, most importantly, stay safe and be well! Yours sincerely, Jay Ng Managing Director