Dear clients and business partners, We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Welcome to our monthly update, we hope you are all doing well and moving out of the lockdown safely. We are delighted to share this month some significant STACS news under this delicate time. We are working on key initiatives these past weeks that will encourage us to grow in the market.
We are honored to be one of the very few Fintech companies called upon to contribute to ISSA’s network community. has been created to provide securities services across the world. In 1979, the three international banks: Citibank, Deutsche Bank and the Union Bank of Switzerland joined their strength for the first meeting of senior securities services executives in Switzerland, and build the foundation of ISSA. The main objective is to provide and disseminate information on the developments in the rapidly changing securities markets, and to offer securities operations professionals a forum to exchange ideas and issues of interest. Today ISSA is sponsored by 15 institutions, has more than 110 members. Most of the members are internationally renowned financial institutions. STACS will support ISSA by actively contributing to the development and promotion of innovative solutions that create efficiencies and mitigate risks within the global financial industry, being part of the ISSA DLT Working Group : More info click here Besides, we are proud to contribute to the development of a revolutionary platform that has been created to respond to the challenging COVID-19 outbreak that transformed the way we operate in all aspects of our life.
We are proud to be involved in the development of 1SignHash, a platform that provides legal and bank grade document signing and storage. It delivers online 24×7 contract signing with fully authenticated signatories underpinned by Government grade (e.g. SingPass) identification. The signed contracts are securely placed in encrypted cloud storage that is accessible only by contract participants. STACS blockchain technology is used to timestamp the documents on a secure ledger, providing an immutable, verifiable audit trail. This platform allows lawyers, contract participants, witnesses to safely execute legal documents remotely and ultra-efficiently, in line with the increasing need for digitalisation in the new normal. The STACS team is glad to have the opportunity to explore new challenges and continue to drive major digital transformation. In these upcoming months, we will announce further great news about some of our other platforms. We will also be releasing a series of interviews with top leaders of the industry, as part of our “Digital Transformation for Tomorrow, with STACS” series. Stay tuned! Thank you for your strong support. Yours sincerely, Jay Ng Managing Director