STACS Updates — STACS is progressing through a changing world!

Dear clients and business partners, Welcome to our latest monthly update! We hope our most recent news informs you about how STACS continues to support the financial industry.We are pleased that despite the pandemic, our team continued to progress well in multiple diverse projects and achieved key milestones. We have efficiently deployed and tested the STACS Blockchain in an on-premise, production environment on metal Dell servers with a pre-optimized baseline steady-state performance of 4,527 Transactions Per Second (TPS) and maintain such TPS during a stress test with over 40 million transactions in the blockchain state. Full report here
In addition, our team designed a project that has been rewarded by the Longhash’s Blockchain for Good Hackathon competition. Recently, we joined the Longhash Batch 4 incubator program: a 12 weeks program into an open finance network. Besides, STACS is part of the Tribe Accelerator. Click here Furthermore, we have supported the GSX Group to launch The GRID. The team has been working relentlessly to produce a venue that can provide issuers with the opportunity to tokenize financial assets like securities, bonds, and funds through the use of our custom-built blockchain. Issuers gain access to the GSX Group STACS Native Network, our blockchain protocol designed for finance, by finance, to increase efficiencies and reduce costs and time frames, in an institutional and innovative manner. More info
With all these great updates, STACS will continue to create, develop, and be involved in multiple collaborations within various industries. This will soon include the launch of “Settlity” which has been built after listening to over 200 financial institutions. More details will be shared soon! Thank you for your strong support. Stay Safe Yours sincerely, Jay Ng Managing Director