2-Min: Why Blockchain Should Be On Your Radar

Can We Make Traditional Financial Problems a Thing of the Past?

Capital Markets’ Evolution: The capital markets are constantly evolving — from the early days of physical bartering, to the trading pits of Wall Street brokerages, to electronic trading straight from our smartphones. Today, we even have decentralised, smart contract-based trading that requires no intermediary. Despite the rapid growth of the capital markets, the underlying infrastructure of traditional financial institutions have not managed to keep up. Settlement cycles remain long, and intermediaries such as clearing houses and custodians remain fragmented, creating trading processes that are inefficient and costly. STACS aims to make these legacy problems a thing of the past.
View how Blockchain could be the cornerstone of the tokenised economy in our 2-min video here.
As a tech-stack, we resolve Securities-Trading-Asset-Classification Standard (STACS)-related issues by:
  • Accelerating the issuance, trading, clearing, and settlement of digital assets
  • Remaining fully compliant with the strictest regulatory standards
  • A network ledger built on hybrid Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) architecture
  • Acts as a Tech-Stack atop of existing financial systems
Participation in the Next-Generation Ecosystem: STACS enables investment banks, broker-dealers and exchanges alike to participate freely as Verified Partners to radically transform the global capital markets. We read every response on Medium or Linkedin, so do not hesitate to let us know what you think — please follow and clap if you have enjoyed this article. Click: Learn More About Hashstacs and its flagship product STACS.