About Us

About Settlity

Every institution wants to save time, money and resources. The usage of blockchain technology does just that. But not every institution wants to spend years and millions of dollars to develop solutions from scratch or to own a blockchain.

Readily Available

Settlity is a plug and play model where institutions can start using and benefitting immediately.

Complete Infrastructure

Settlity is a complete blockchain infrastructure that allows financial institutions to utilise DLT for their business activities simply. It includes a full range of front-end platforms, rich connectivity via an API layer, and a robust underlying STACS Blockchain, designed for capital markets.


Our Settlity platforms can be used as a standalone frontend application, connected with existing platforms and system applications using our APIs.

Simple, Yet Elegant 

What do we mean by simply?
It means that you can start without deploying a blockchain or building your own solution. It also means that today’s complicated processes can be simplified.


Settlity is the result of multiple project deployments and discussions with over 200 financial institutions. Built for capital markets, by capital markets.