Business Functions

Documents Verification

Transaction data management

Inconsistent, incomplete, or inaccurate reference data can deter the straight-through-processing rate and create lags in transaction settlement.

The new age information system architecture is a modular tech stack meant to effectively capture, integrate, and organize data. Representing a systemic shift away from the currently siloed systems, the new flexible hybrid architecture possesses the ability to have both secured storage yet easy retrieval of documents, allowing for a more efficient, distributed, concurrent processing of operations.

Explore new opportunities with Settlity

A blockchain based system serves as a verification clearing house, while promoting the virtues of more efficient processing of operations. Fund managers, asset managers, clearing houses and brokers are using Settlity for attestation and encryption of documents, such as fee schedules and trade invoices.

With Settlity, changes to existing pre-agreed upon documents are instantly made known, with further smart contracts self-enforcing and preventing further counterfeit or fraudulent activities. These aid financial institutions in internal risk monitoring and compliance activities, while improving trust and transparency with external counterparties.