STACS – Transformative Technology for Capital Markets

  • Integrated platform supporting interoperability with traditional infrastructure and systems
  • Real-time trade matching, reconciliation, eliminating costly errors and trade mismatches
  • End to end Lifecycle of the security is embedded in Smart Contracts, supporting more Flexible, Frequent & Rapid Issuances
  • 100% immutability via a distributed ledger
  • Greater Efficiencies in Settlement & Corporate Actions, with possibility of Trading = Settlement = SFIDVP = easy reconciliation and more flexible settlement times
  • Effective Management of Proceeds using smart contracts,
    Transparent Impact Reporting and Asset servicing settlement times
  • Enabling cross-border, interoperable trading, settlement & custody of digital securities
  • Free up locked capital

– Integrated ESG Nexus

We are empowering numerous banks to employ effective ESG financing with smart contracts, manage usage of proceeds effectively, and have transparent real-time tracking and impact reporting of green assets on the DLT.

Asset and Wealth Management

An asset manager, alongside its custodian and ecosystem of executing and clearing brokers, have managed to reduce trade breaks by more than 95%, and non-value-added reconciliation efforts and costs by 62%.

End-to-End Digital Securities

Numerous Banks and an Asian Exchange/CSD are now able to lower the cost and time needed to issue bonds, to take advantage of brief funding windows, while generating efficiencies in settlement and discovering new market opportunities.​

Innovative Digital Exchange Network

We have deployed the Global hybrid STACS Protocol for the GSX Group, allowing it to operate a global network of exchanges on top of the blockchain protocol powered by STACS, with the innovative use of a utility token.

Smart Structured Products

A Swiss Private Bank managed to improve efficiency in daily operations and risk management of structured products, and increase servicing capacity by 300%.

Various Payment Systems​ Integrations

We support integration with both existing payment systems and other DLT systems, including SWIFT, Libra, UBIN led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and more, enabling institutions to create new and efficient business models, and achieve a larger liquidity hub.

Digitalisation of Documents

We support multi-party authentication of documents, allowing effective management of provenance and secured digital identity by using blockchain-based technology and smart contracts. This is useful for digitalisation of documents and processes​.